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Esther Tofilau-Tevaga President IFBB New Zealand

The editorial staff of IFBB Tahiti Magazine was able to meet the new president of the IFBB New zealand, she gives us her feelings regarding our sport ... see her interview

- Can you tell us a little about yourself ? Work, secondary activity, marital status, etc ...

Answer - A New Zealand born single Samoan mother, grandmother and woman of influence who's a community leader and business woman with a passion to enhance lives and promote health and wellness within our communities.

- Is the IFBB President in New Zealand an easy job ?

Answer - Being a woman and a male dominaring sport of Bodybuilding is a challenging job, however I have a team who are successful in their own field which they bring to the federation the support and diverse in skills and experience to help make my job easier, as they say as a T E A M, "Together Everyone Achieves More:

- In a sports discipline exclusively composed of men, what are your feelings ?

Answer - I feel within the IFBB family there is equal opportunities for men and women not just exclusively for men, with the various classes available to compete with, which I feel is equally important to all members of the federation and for officials within our ifbb family.

- How is Bodybuilding, bikini fitness, bodyfitness, etc ... in New Zealand ?

Answer - These classes are well and alive in New Zealand, there is also a fact that we can do with more pacific females participating in these classes which is a challenge to continue to promote and try and break down the culture barriers as this is a huge area where our pacific females are natually gifted in genetics and with guidance and training can do very well on an international stage. However, its twice as harder for females expecially those who are mothers, finding that balance in work, home, children and training.

- Do you think our sport can develop in the South Pacific ?

Answer - I believe withe the help of the IFBB Body we can further develope the sport in the South Pacific. We need to aline with the main sporting government bodies in each country as most are recognise under the IOC. Like any sport, it comes in to have a good governing body to run it with workshops and local compitions and working together with other agencies to help develope and grow the sport and also to help financially which can always be the biggest barrier to overcome in the pacific regions.

- What message would you have passed ?

Answer - I'm here to enhance and inspire each individual that set a goal and know you can achieve it. Work with your local IFBB body and that is your vehicle to reach the pinical of this sport and to reach your greatest protential. Sky is the limit. God Bless.

Esther Tofilau-Tevaga

President IFBB New Zealand

IFBB New Zealand Facebook

PS : Interview réalisé par la rédaction de IFBB Tahiti Magazine

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